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Summer to Fall Haul 2019- With The Best Jeans EVER!

I recently braved the downtown traffic towards the Mall in hopes of finding pieces to add to my closet for transitioning from Summer to Fall- and I was not disappointed! I even found the best pair of jeans I have ever tried on, I kid you not. Read ahead to see which pair stole the show and what I picked up for my Summer to Fall Haul!


Summer to Fall outfit
In the dressing room

Everyday Bodysuit: This polyester bodysuit is comfortable, breathable, and a must-have for those who love high waisted skirts and pants!

Size L

Square Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit: This ribbed cotton bodysuit is super comfortable, and I find the square neckline very flattering!

Size XL

Madewell Jeans- the perfect pair of jeans

Madewell 10″ High Waist Button Front Crop Skinny Jeans: These are the BEST jeans I’ve ever tried! They smoothed out my stomach without digging in, they were stretchy yet form-fitting. I literally did a little dance to myself when I saw these on me because I’ve never felt more confident! That to me was worth the splurge. (I was fortunate and got these on sale)

They come in different lengths ranging from Petite, Regular, Tall & Taller. I love the inclusivity!

Size 31 (Recommend sizing down one)

*Can be seen worn with every outfit in this post


bodysuit and fall skirt perfect for summer to fall

Flare Skirt: The colours of the skirt are perfect for transitioning to fall due to the burnt orange tones within the flowers. I can’t wait to start wearing this with long sleeve bodysuits and booties!

Linked here to my post on a similar outfit that includes a long sleeve bodysuit perfect for Summer to Fall!

Size X (L)

Urban Outfitters

Babydoll top and jeans perfect for the summer to fall transition
Longer in the back

Babydoll Top: I did not think I would like this top due to the high neck line- which for big busts can make any shirt look like a tent. However due to the ‘babydoll’ style of it, It is actually flattering!

It is lightweight and comfortable due to it being 97% cotton (This also means I will not be throwing this in the dryer!)

Size: M


Summer to Fall Outfit with babydoll top and jeans

Hayley Babydoll Tank: The minute I tried this on, I just knew that I had to get this. This can easily be layered under a cardigan for the Fall (Hence why I got this in ‘grey’ so that I could use different coloured cardigans) and it’s soft as well. I love babydoll style, so this was something I knew I would get my money’s worth as I would pretty much live in it!

Size: XL (I could’ve fit into an L, but enjoyed the bagginess of it. Also due to the materials that are prone to shrinking over time)

Every one of these pieces really highlights what my style truly is. All comfortable, easy to throw on pieces that are also flattering. The true star of the show was the Madewell Jeans I discovered- to think I tried them on “just to see” what they would be like! I understand the hype around these jeans now, and for me, the number one reason I love them so much is due to them not digging into my stomach as well as being stretchy yet firm material. A complete dream!

Which of these pieces do you love the most? Are you also looking forward to the Fall months?! Let me know in the comments!

Chelsea Proulx

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  • Lisa

    I’m always looking for a good pair of jeans. Do they carry long sizes? My legs are long and no one seems to carry long sizes anymore. Thanks for the fun post!

    • chelseamproulx

      Thanks for reading and commenting! The jeans come in a multitude of lengths from Petite, Regular, Tall & even a Taller option- so the taller option might be your go-to! They were worth every cent, I can’t recommend Madewell enough! Thanks again πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay

    These peices are adorable! And they look fantastic on you!

    • chelseamproulx

      Thank you so much! It was one of those shopping days where everything you try on was a WIN! I appreciate you reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  • Blue DeBell

    Those jeans are so cute! I love the high rise and the buttons! I need a new pair so I will definitely have to check these out!

    • chelseamproulx

      Yes! I wasn’t sure about the button style at first, but once they were on I feel like they were a flattering addition to the jeans that really elevated the look! Thank you for commenting! πŸ™‚

  • Mariam

    Cute outfits and these are some NICE jeans! How awesome is it finding a pair that’s just right?!


    • chelseamproulx

      Thank you so much!! I always tell myself that if I’m out shopping and try on something that makes me light up or feel confident, then it’s worth the buy! (depending on the price of course). These jeans did that for me immediately! Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  • Maya

    Love these outfits ! these pieces looks great on you !!

    • chelseamproulx

      Thank you so much Maya!! I appreciate that πŸ™‚ Hopefully, it gave you some outfit inspiration. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  • erika

    Super cute outfits, girl! Love that teal top on you! (:

    Erika Marie |

    • chelseamproulx

      Thank you!! I did not think I would like it, and it actually surprised me. It’s SUPER comfortable, and I know I will be wearing this way more than socially acceptable haha. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  • Sabrina

    These items look great on you πŸ™‚ Love the jeans!

    • chelseamproulx

      Thanks Sabrina!! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, hopefully I was able to provide Outfit Inspo! πŸ™‚

  • Adrienne

    I love the jeans I live for a good our my favorite is American eagle they seem to be the only ones who fit well and have petite lol for shorties like myself . Those look amazing on you and the color wash of them is really nice as well. I have to check them out .

    • chelseamproulx

      Yes!! American Eagle Jeans are my go-to’s as well, that was basically all I ever wore (and still do tbh). However, I feel like Madwell has almost ruined me of other jeans since none of my AE jeans fit quite like this pair! however AE is much more budget-friendly, so I know I’ll still be continuing to buy jeans from American Eagle πŸ™‚ However you should definitely check them out and give them a try! They have a petite size/length as well.

  • Diana

    I have to get myself a pair of those jeans omg I’m obsessed!! 😍

    • chelseamproulx

      Yes girl!! We’ll make a shopping date out of it, and try on all the Madewell Jeans!

  • Lina

    I am always having trouble finding a good pair of jeans. I will have to check this one out. It looks great on you πŸ™‚

    • chelseamproulx

      Same here! My body shape is different because I have no hips and a larger tummy, so finding a pair of jeans that’s tight enough for my legs but not too tight for my stomach is such a hassle! These were the first-ever pair to provide me with both of those wishes. Thank you so much!! <3

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