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Beauty Products That Actually Work: Holy Grails

These are all products i’ve loved & repurchased over the years. In fact, you can probably even tell in the picture, but there’s a couple empties and soon-to-be empties in that pile!

First & Foremost, let’s get straight to why these products have been faves of mine for years. I’ve always been someone who’s loved to try new beauty tools & items. Especially when it comes to skincare (new blog post coming soon on my skin journey and what has helped). One thing I always ask myself when trying a product is “do I even notice a difference when I use this product?” if I don’t (after fair amount of use of course) then I move onto something else. These items have all done something for me, which brings me back to them every time.

Holy grail of hair oil’s.

Ouai Hair Oil– The be all-end-all of hair oil’s i’ve used thus far! And trust me, i’ve tried a lot (Just for record, I have thick and wavy hair). This hair oil manages to keep down flyaways and frizz, doesn’t weigh down the hair, gives shine and to top it off, the floral scent is one of my faves! I can always count on my hair smelling good when I put this in my hair. The noticeable difference in how my hair looks after using this vs. other hair oil’s i’ve used is what has me repurchasing my third bottle of this. It’s pricey, however a little goes a long way! I use 1/2 – 1 full pump for the ends of my hair and with what’s left on my hands I use for flyaways for hair closer to the crown.

Josie Maran Cleansing Oil– Best cleanser i’ve used hands. down. I can’t praise this stuff enough! My struggle with skincare has been an ongoing battle, from dealing with teenage acne to hormonal adult acne. My skin has changed from oily skin to combination/dehydrated skin over the years. This product has been the first cleanser to change my skin type, and decrease the amount of oils my face produced. Ironically, it took an oil cleanser to do so! I can say that after using this I now go from normal- combo skin, depending on the weather. After using this product, I wake up the next morning with my skin looking healthy & plump (as if I had just done a face mask or got a facial) and my pores are visibly smaller. My skin is also soft to touch! (but please refrain from touching your face often). For those that are unfamiliar with oil cleansers, you take 2-3 pumps of this into your hands and rub it into your face. It’s gentle enough to use over the eyes, so you can remove your makeup all at the same time. You then add some water to froth up the oil, creating this gentle-yet-effective cleanser. I then take a warm facecloth and wipe it all off.

Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb- This product, is such a bargain for what it does. This product works. The gel consistency makes it great for under makeup as it’s light, and your skin just soaks in all the product without leaving behind any residue that heavy creams can do. I love love love this moisturizer, and i’ve already purchased 4 now. I’ve even got my Mom hooked! and that’s because this moisturizer does exactly what a moisturizer should. It helps to rehydrate the skin, without being too heavy. I have sensitive skin, and this has not caused any redness or bumps on my skin. This moisturizer is targeted for those with very dry skin, however I have combo skin and this work fabulously! A little goes a long way with this product… and it’s from the drugstore too!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo – This is an acne spot treatment, that helps to remove blemishes faster. When I first started using this years ago, I didn’t give it a fair chance as my blemishes got “worse” when I used it. In actuality, this gel helps to bring forth blemishes to the surface, so that they can leave quicker. With ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide & Lypo Hydroxy Acid (LHA) They target and remove breakouts quickly. It’s the number one selling acne treatment in Europe- and for good reason! I use this anytime I feel a spot coming on, and during ‘that time of the month’ when I get hormonal acne around my chin.

The Ordinary’s ‘ Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% Mild superficial peeling formulation

The Ordinary Serums– The only two I currently have are the Lactic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid, however I am needing to venture out and see what else this brand offers! When my skin is looking flaky, uneven, or in need of a good exfoliation the Lactic Acid serum is what I use at night. I make sure to pat in all of my serums- not smear across the face, so that it absorbs nicely into the skin. I’ve used a sample of the Sunday Riley Lactic Acid serum (that costs around $120 CAD!) and I got the exact same results from The Ordinary’s lactic acid serum. The next day after using it, your skin looks smooth, pore-less + brighter! There’s a definite difference in skin when this product is used. The Hyaluronic Acid I use to bring back extra moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is great for rehydrating, hence why it’s becoming popular in a lot of moisturizers and face masks. When my skin is needing some extra TLC & moisture brought back, this always does the trick!

Wet Brush- Ultimately the best detangling brush. I can’t go back to another hair brush after using this, as it’s so gentle yet effective! I was always that child that would squirm while my mom would brush my hair back into a ponytail, because it would hurt my head too much. This brush doesn’t hurt to brush through tangled hair, and you can use with wet hair! Regular brushes cause breakage and damage when brushing through wet hair, however these bristles are formulated thinner and more flexible causing less breakage when brushing through wet hair.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade ‘107’

Rimmel London Kate Moss #107 Lipstick– I don’t wear red lipstick often (to my boyfriends dismay) however, this is always the shade of red I go for when I do. It’s the most beautiful shade of red, a “wine” red is the best way to describe it! During the fall season, its the perfect red lipstick colour- but you can wear it anytime and it still looks great! This lipstick formula is a matte, so it is drying (which isn’t my fave) but the shade colour is worth it! It is a lipstick that doesn’t last through meals, so if you’re going out & about you would need to pack this in your purse to reapply.

It’s always fun trying out new things, and it’s always worth it when a product actually makes a difference! Let me know what your holy grail items are that you can’t live without… and that actually work! I’d love to know! Xo

Chelsea Proulx

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